Beginning of the disassembly

Wow, what a pleasure, the garage is cleaned and I finally started to work on the bike.

2 hours spend this week end.

Everything has a beginning, I started with the seat and rear fender.

Then the side covers. Easy on the right side with the screw. On the left, I discover the lock near the carb that give access to the battery. It’s rusty here. The battery is KO, I’ll throw it at the right place in my city.

I also discover that box for the tools, missing unfortunately.

I go on with the chain guard and the second rear fender. By the way, nice the holes for the airbox.

To finish, I take the rear set and the mirrors off.

I tried to take the front fender off but I couldn’t because of the caoutchouc peace that keep the brake line. I need to find a way or it’s gonna wait until I take the front brake off.

Next step, the engine oil (I’ll try not to put it on the front wheel). Then I’ll have more space. I’ll go on with the air box to clean it up.

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  1. Michael

    I recently bought a 1981 SR500 about 2 weeks ago, I chose this bike because of the inspiration I got when I saw the lossa SR. I have similar plans for the bike, I would love to know how your progress is going and what parts you bought. What is your goal for the bike?


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