Kick and first road try

There are some pleasure we cannot imagine before getting it.

One sunny morning, I prepare the bike and myself for a road try. I want to know how fast the Yamaha SR500 goes. The kick is ready, I’m on the bike and let’s go. I mean, it’s not the bike that started, it’s me kicking kicking again.

First advice to start an SR: you need to be awake.
I would have been really late if I had to go work this day. Here I appreciate my fz6 that starts every single time!

I keep kicking. The more I kick, the less powerful I do it… Two breaks later, a friend of mine come to visit me. A few trys and it runs! I stop the engine, it’s my turn to start it and Wahouuu,what a pleasure!!
The engine get warm and I get ready with my gear.

During week days, not much people outside, but the few are watching me, the exhaust makes a loud sound! I stop at a signal light, and the engine stays at 3500 / 4000 rpm. I think the carb need to be reviewed…

Anyway, on the road, everything is going fine, so many vibrations. It has enough power to have fun. People smile when they see me.
Result: 135 km/h at 5500 rpm at the last gear. It’s what I saw on the internet.

The engine started easily when warm, what a pleasure!

Where am I at this time?
Not that far, I read a lot on the internet, I find the part I want to buy. I’m cleaning my garage. So many boxes staid here for 8 years. Hopefully I’ll start next week end. The most important is to have enough space to move around the bike.

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