It’s been a while I’ve started dismantling the carb, around end of November. The time to buy the new screw hardware and a restoration kit. For those who don’t use twitter, I’ve started to reassemble the carb when I saw I didn’t have the right screws. The seller offered me to send me the right one. If you need some, just ask him, it’s really good quality

Alright, around end of December, I’ve cleaned up the carb in a mix of water and lemon.


Result is not perfect but good enough. We could see some kind of residue in the pot.
Then I’ve took my time to reassemble the carb.


I’ve had an issue with the bushel screws, it was to high and didn’t let the bushel move smoothly. I’ve replace with the old screws and everything’s alright.


Last issue, the choke thread started to get used. Using a longer screw fixed it.



So far so good, I’ll need to make it work correctly, it won’t be easy I think 😉

Next step, I’ve bought my parts, still waiting for it : clip-on, seat, exhaust, fenders, lights and battery lesser are coming soon. It’s gonna be a subject for another entry.

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