Beast retrieval!

Every single story has a beginning.
Here starts my new motorcycle’s restauration. October 6th 2012, I become a Yamaha SR500 owner. Return to Reims to get it!

A few paperwork, signing and making my bank account lighter and here it’s mine. Last owner want to kick for a last time and two hours later, I’m back home with my precious. My turn to kick and after the third one, the engine starts. What a pleasure, I’m really gonna love it!!

Its resume:
January 18th 1980, 32 years old!
I’m the third or fourth owner and plan to keep it for long :D!

So what are the plans? Ride a bit before to tear down the bike and make it new as a cafe racer.
Enough with talking, let’s see some pictures. Other are coming, better quality and better scene.

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