500SR exposure

3h to go on with the teardown tonight.
The goal is to remove the fuel tank to get more space and then to empty the rear of the bike.

So I start with the fuel tank. Quite easy, removing two hoses from the carburator and the screw near the seat.

We can see the second cable from the throttle being free…

Once the fuel tank is removed, I finally can see the last screw that keep the airbox in!
I disconnect the electronic parts, take the battery cage out (really rusty by the way). It gives me the space I needed to remove the air box!

Now that I have a total access, I remove the carburator, just a simple collar. Once I have it in my hand, I forget that there’s fuel inside and of course I get everything on my clothes -_-.

Now I go on with the electric beam. Quite easy as well, just need to go step by step. I open the headlight, and it’s kind of scary to me inside!

I go on with the cables on the left side. A screw is blocked inside the right command for now so I haven’t finished yet…

Here are two picts at the end of the day. It went well, the rear is empty and I love it this way!

As long as I remove part, I can see how many appendix has the frame!

Next step will be next week end. If I keep that rythm, the engine will surely be out in two weeks.

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