500SR exposure, second part

I’ve spent three / four hours in my garage today.

I wanted to clean the front of the bike, so I started with bleeding the front brake. A simple hose and it does the work. Meanwhile I took the exhaust out, four screws and it’s out.

I go back on the brake, open the master cylinder to check it was empty and take out the brake caliper. I know there’s some more liquid inside so I let it on a tissue.

Cables on the handlebar are taken out one by one. Let’s go with the headlight, I unscrew it to clear the electric beam properly.

It looks so much more lightweight right now.
I don’t know yet how I’ll do the next steps. If I start to clean parts and get them ready to paint or if I finish with the teardown. I’ll decide later.
Also, I have to get my shopping list done so I can divide it in the time. There’s still plenty of work so far!

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