Yamaha SR500

After one year spent in Australia, I discovered new kind of motorcycle. Deus Ex Machina had a shop close to where I lived. I discovered Lossa Engineering in from California thanks to their SR500 cafe racer. Then I felt in love with the SR500. I’m really interested in the mono but moreover it’s way older than me!

Subscription on a couple of forum, research on the Internet, I made my choice, this is what I want! I simply just want something we don’t see everyday!

Lossa Engineering’s short film “Solus” from Jay Lossa on Vimeo.

SR 500 type 2J4

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  1. Michael

    I recently bought a 1981 SR500 about 2 weeks ago, I chose this bike because of the inspiration I got when I saw the lossa SR. I have similar plans for the bike, I would love to know how your progress is going and what parts you bought. What is your goal for the bike?


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