Mecatrip / New version

Before the summer starts – even if it’s coming late -, and thanks to feedbacks I had, I wanted to set a new version for Mecatrip. The website get better for publishing by improving the navigation. The only purpose is to share my adventures.

  • First my SR500 which drives me crazy sometimes. Sharing the hard times as well as a whole night spent in my garage after a workday seems to be a good idea to me for two reasons:
    • The same way a forum works, it’s the ability to get feedbacks, advices, addresses, etc.
    • Second reason is pretty simple is to share my experience. I’m really impressed by the traffic I get on theses english pages about the restoration. Be sure it matters.
  • It’s only after I’ve wanted to publish my bike roadtrips. So far, I only publish motorcycle stories but I might share with you my trip in New-Zealand from last year and any other I will have. When I start feeling bad for any reason, reading theses pages is a way to get better until the next one.


While sharing my coming trip in Norway, I realize how lucky I am. Many tell me they couldn’t do the same for several reasons (money, time, other priorities…). Even if the design changes, Mecatrip stay a place of sharing with a one day = one article format, keeping wide pictures.

My travels get always longer. For sure, I won’t stop here but I also have the ambition to develop the micro-adventure aspect. The objective is still to get ou of my comfort zone.
Then, it will make the adventure more available for people still hesitating.

To finish, it would always be a pleasure to share a daily road, a weekend tour or a moment during a road trip!


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