Road Trips

If there is one thing that make me vibrate, this it road trips moto.

Why motorcycle? Simply because when you get your moto, you’re get in a community. If one can meet and share with an unknown rider at a trafic light in a city such Paris, just imagine how much people you can meet during a travel. At a mountain roadside, in a gaz station, in a camp site, place doesn’t matter. What matters it what you give and what you get.

In these pages, I do my best to share what it feels to travel using a motorcycle. Whether a few days of for several weeks, in France or in Europe / Australia, every single travel matters. Every single travel give you memories and ambition for the next one. Road trip planning, the gear I use to the and road trip stories with its happy time and problems.

I hope I would be able to give you as much pleasure to read my stories I had to live them.
Always a pleasure to share a road with you one day, whether during a daily commute or in another country. V

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