I think about it since i went to Australia for one year. It began the day I found a picture of some Fjord then on a video with some footages from Norway. This video, in addition to being really nice, makes you dream with its ideas. A few researches later, I knew Norway is THE country I want to go.

Again a few days ago, I’ve read on a blog that after New Zealand, Norway is one of the most beautiful country. Because I’ve allready been to New Zealand, it’s time for Norway now.

Like every travel projects, these are many dreams, many “if”, “with who”, “how” you need to handle. Many doubts too until the day you get enough free time to leave. What an excitement!

Well this last month, I wish I had two or three more days per week to do what I want to. So when I realize I will leave in two month and a half, I start to panic. Panic because I’ve other project in the same time : video, website project, my sr500, mecatrip to always update and some kind of social life (I mean just a few). Now I can add organizing a four weeks motorcycle road trip.

Now I can add the whole organization for a four weeks motorcycle road trip! My project? I want to reach Nordkapp, driving through the fjords then go back. I still have to define the roadbook but it’s close to 10 000kms.

Coming in this section, a first real presentation of my fz6, the whole preparatiln of the trip and the road trip itself. If somehow you have some ideas for me, some places-I-really-have-to-go, I’d be pleased to read it in the comment.


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