Day 5 : Macon – Dole

Early morning 5h27 wake up with a back pain and not because a friend of mine used me but because of sleeping on the floor. Straight to the shower to open the eyes. We get ready, a few pictures of the bike and let’s head to Bourg en Bresse. Straight shitty road (I still have nightmares…) and we cross a speed limit control at 8am! Thanks to the cars for having warn us before.

2010 - Road Trip - Jour 5

Finally we arrived in the Jura

Quick stop on a parking for our breakfast then we take the road back heading to La Joux, staying on the roads of the Tour de France bike competition. Let’s get to the pass roads!


Faucille pass – Azim take the lead of the group. After the days we’ve spent riding together, we’ve learnt to ride really close. Best thing in mountain to overtake at the same time, we trust each other, happiness happiness. The only thing I thought is “WOOOOW”. What a pleasure. People who live there will understand, this road is a paradise! We take a moment to take pictures of each other in a corner.




Souvenir in front of the Leman lake.

2010 - Road Trip - Jour 5

We go on to Gex. Oups, it’s to early to lunch. No worries, we take a drive to Switzerland. Watch out the speed limit in the country. Heading to the border on a beautiful road plenty of curves. Up to the road, a sign “Road is not a track” made us laugh, they should put it way before this point 😉

Back to France, we take pictures at La Cure then again, we have to take the Faucille pas again, full speed to get to the lunch for sandwiches 😀


La Cure border


La Cure border

To get to our hotel for the night, Faucille pass one more time (for sure, we really loved it!). Next roads are fine until Dole but our asses are really painful because of the seats after having spend so much time on it. Restaurant with burgers for the last dinner and again a 3-persons room. What’s better than a floor for the night and an open window to get a cold…

Last pict taken in front of the Leman lake.


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