Day 4 : Puy Saint Vincent – Macon



Memories of a few years ago with Azim geek


Breakfast, chain lub & photos and we’re ready to go. At the beginning, mountain roads and cold tires don’t make us comfortable and above all, the gravels on the road but after around 10 minutes, we start feeling good. Kawa has playful mood because it knows today is the Alpine passes day (Lautaret and Galibier) Very Happy.

We need to find a gaz station to refill before price get crazy high in the mountain… then we head to the passes :love:. Gaz refill are done in Briançon. Let’s go! There’s trafic a the beginning. We have to overtake and then trafic become groups of car which is easier to overtake.


Let’s explain simply, the Lautaret pass is wide roads with a good quality tar which is perfect. Sun and turns. I take the lead and I haven’t forgot what Azim told me, no thinking when it’s about overtaking the cars. We ride, ride and ride again and we finally get to a dam, weird ?, we have no dam on the road map today.

« I think we went too far, we must have miss the Galibier pass sign…? ».


We get confirmation by reading our map. We need to go back for 20kms (Too bad :D). Well, the end of the Lautaret pass was that good that we missed the sign. We just rode at 110, overtaking a car, here’s the explanation.


We drive to the Galibier Pass, Azim goes first with his ER6, perfect motorcycle for such a road. First stop at 2500m and a second one at around 2600. We’re following a 5-6 riders group (Allready overtaken twice). After a U turn, I watch in front of me and I see Azim in the middle of the group – I haven’t seen him overtaking the guys, but it must have been a really ugly move ;). Well they did act like f*cking tourists, the worst is that we reached the top only a few meter later, what a shame for us.


Now we reached the top, we have to go down and what a pleasure! We find a corner to take some pics. Azim goes first and I’m second and “shrrrk”. My foot and footpeg have touched the ground. First time ever, weird at the beginning but really funny !



We go on and stop eating at Chambéry. We take some news of our friends coming from Paris to Macon. Everything’s allright, we should be there before them. Again, we eat some baguette – Kiri – ham and go on on the road with a big smile. 130kms in 3 hours is just awesome for us.
The beginning of the road to Chambéry is painful. Long straight roads with a corner every 5 kms. We decide to take the highway thanks to my Coyote.

In Chambéry, we’re back on countryside roads with a fright for me in a curve I took too fast. Thanks to the rear round tire, I’ve been easily able to tilt more but still, I might have let something in my pant :D. From behind, Azim thought I was going to ride the trees. Anyway, we drive at 100 – 110km/h, overtaking cars and trucks we met. Roads here are really great until Pont d’Ain then the one to Macon is a 45min straight line. Really you don’t want to ride it, the worst thing is that we’ll go back the next day.

No problem to find the hotel. Check in, rest, shower then our friends arrive from Paris. 4 guys with 4 motorcycles for one 3-persons room so we try keep discrete to leave and come back after eating. 22h30, let’s go to bed after this amazing day spent in the mountain!


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