Day 3 : Saint Rémy de Provence – Puy Saint Vincent

8am, alarm clock ! Famous breakfast and go, we drive to the Mont Ventoux, Provence and the Alps :D. Goooo !
Ok first, we get lost for 1h in Avigon (so much fun this way). We’ll find our way to Carpentras then the Ventoux (North face).

Short break before going to the Mont. We meet a crazy fast supermot going there. Now is our turn, we just want to go! Watch out the bikers. It’s crazy,  I love it! I wanna live here, where do I need to sign?? 😮 Half way, the lucky supermot is already going down, still going fast! Short rest and photos.

A couple offers us to take a photo with our motorcycles. We offer it too: “Hum it good be bad for us to be seen together”. We don’t ask any question =).

The view is wonderful. 2000m high in the middle of nothing. At the top, I can feel my engine having less oxygen to explode. It didn’t avoid us to go fast. At this point of the trip, we started to be comfortable the both of us driving together !

We take the road to Sault, crossing the Provence. Three states and three different road surfaces. 35°C near the Gorges de la Méouge, we thought about a dive but we were starving and wanted to buy something.
We finf a small town but… it’s sunday today and on sunday, everything is closed after 12.30pm (but we forgot about it -_-) :'(. Our lunch is just a few biscuit we had…

We continue on a main country side road to reach Puy Saint Vincent and we don’t stop overpassing. Now we know where the other motorcyclists are: in the traffic. We aks ourself if we not close to a big city!

Break to the side of the N94, near the Serre – Ponçon lake.

After so much time in the traffic, we find our way to Puy Saint Vincent with so much nice mountain roads. We reach Puy Saint Vincent and we enjoy a really yummy dinner with products from the garden and comfortable beds, it’s the even!

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