Day 2 : Rodez – Saint Rémy de Provence

5.30am, Braâm! Wake up way early (and again a quite), we take our shower being shitfaced (again, with loud TV to become friend with our neighbours). Bikes are getting ready and let’s start the engines.

Really loooong straight lines near Rodez

We get lost in the city but find finally our way. A few straight roads with the sunset in our eyes (again… a stop to take some pictures) then corners are coming Evil or Very Mad and :o I start to love it again!!

 7 – 7.30 am

 Some pleasures!

Our first mountain pass!

A road sign as we like it!

Alright, we’re having fun until 10am then we get to Millau Viaduc, freed from 3€90 each, we have a camera break then cross the bridge :o impressive… quite expensive for 15km but nice to see. Out of the Viaduc, some straight road then :love: country side roads until Millau are crazy. It’s like heaven. We cross Millau and Gorges du Tarn then we’re heading to the Cévennes, quite nice but boring to ride around 30km/h on bad conditions roads.

Once on the main road, the Cévennes are just unforgettable (The famous Corniche des Cévennes :love: ). Half a hour of crazy riding. The rares cars have been overtaken really fast. I ride quickly, Azim is right behind me. Close to the city, I decide to stay behind a car, around 80 / 100km/h.

Break in Saint-Jean-du-Gard for food provision -> Azim tells me “You should have overtaken the car!!”, “Alright, I keep it in mind for the next one =)”.

Until Saint Rémi de Provence, it was boooooring, we got tired, the heat didn’t help! We take one hour to find our place for the night… (alright, to make it better, we had good corners near Baux de Provence which help us to keep the idea clear!).
End of the day, swimming pool and warm dinner.

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