Day 1 : Bordeaux – Rodez

Our trip starts in Bordeaux. Wake up a 5.20am, a tough wake up after a short night. My honey has to go to work at 6am so we did fast to be ready before her…

5.20am – Departure from Bordeaux

Departure, first stop for tire pressure and first surprise, Mathieu forgot his towel. We don’t go back, we already drove 3kms, way too far to do go back :).

We head Créon with the first unknown roads. First difficulty is the sunrise (next time we’ll drive to the west!) straight in our eyes for two hours. Thanks to sunglasses, I can see barely alright and we can drive at around 75km/h (with sun / shadow, it might be less sometimes).

Just after a big corner, we got in the middle of many milk trucks stopped in the middle of the road. We had a giggling there when we got closer to a car. I can see  that the couple in the 205 in front of us is kind of particular : needless to say that the copilot is nothing else than a ram (100% sheep for Mathieu). Huge giggling, hard to keep it when the beast watch us. The week starts just perfectly!

We keep going and stop at a bakery in a small town for breakfast. Next roads starts to be interesting (corners and corners), first picture’s stop and *** rest. Hey during a stop, I found a city called Moncuq on the map (“Myass” ;)). We have to go there! Then we head to  Cahors and now, it starts to be really good! Country side roads are clean with lonnng corner and overtakes are going fast, I simply like it!

We had to go there for the picture!

Basic lunch, “Baguette – Kiri – Ham”.

First lunch stop at Carrefour in Cahors, we have to let our gear in a trolley (glad safe from steal thanks a simple number…). We buy simple food to make a “Baguette – Kiri – Ham” sandwich. We call our friends staid at home to take some news and after peeing in a creepy place, we take the road back heading to Rodez. Cross of a  National Park (beautiful corners and look out :love:) and failed try to take a film of  the road with Mathieu’s camera.

We leave the park, 10kms straight road (after the many and many corners, hard to accept). Once we get in town, we find our first hotel and do a bike check up. We decide to change Mathieu’s rear tire for a brand new Michelin Pilot Road 2, way safer for the mountain. Between 30 and 45 minutes are needed to change it, credit card is lighter now and let’s go to Mc Donald. The hostel’s TV sound is locked down, we can’t hear anything. No big deal, we’ll scream like jackass until 1am, perfect to get new friends.

Small reflexion from Azim after shaking in his bed :  “Oh I didn’t tell you, I always sleep naked” by taking his underwear off. -_-

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