Day 0 : Saint Quentin en Yvelines – Bordeaux

 Departure around 9.30 – 10am from Saint Quentin en Yvelines. Double floor tank bag too high, I settle a part  on the back seat. It fits perfectly! Let’s go to the road.

I’m heading to the N10 to Rambouillet, Orléans, A10 then N10 again in Poitiers.
Thanks to Coyote, I can drive around 110 – 120 on country side roads and 150 – 160km/h on highways. It avoided me two speed cameras!

It starts raining on the highway, I stop on the first rest area to make me waterproof. I take my glasses to take my helmet off, my glasses fall and break themself on the ground. I’m driving since two hours and I don’t have any other here. Once I fix it, a car driver offers me his help. Anyway I lost too much time, I take the road again without being waterproof.

I drive, drive and drive again.
Lunch break with a home made sandwich. Phone call to Azim, it’s kind of a storm in Bordeaux. I don’t care, I keep going without being waterproof. The highway, 15 euros, is a clean road and the cars help to make it less boring. The N10 from Poitier is free but what a pain in the ***. Not even a car to overtake…

I meet Azim a the 9th exit of Bordeaux, really happy to start riding with him.

The most boring part of the trip is behind us, have fun now!

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